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What began as impeccably dressing up to put my best foot forward, to strut in my high McQueens and promenade in my black oversized, soared into an incessant passion to create a fashion platform I named it HNUEF. Number 9..

We are so glad that you have joined us and we take this opportunity to introduce ourselves:

HNUEF ensures to design your clothes from the finest fabrics and we take pride in not leaving any detailing unnoticed

We have exclusive collections to offer which are designed by taking inspiration from nature, western-fashion with a tinge of vintage style in it;

Our collection at the moment essentially comprises of – Ecru Play; Ocean Deep; Inner Peace; Dry Biome and Wild Reverie

HNUEF believes in ownership and no fashion can be at its best if you do not own what you wear.


Fashion Forcast

  • Like number “9” has all the qualities of 1 to 8 similarly hnuef believes YOU have all the qualities of being stylish, confident,independent, dreamer, winner and most importantly a self-believer.

    2017-11-24 16:10:15
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  • “It’s time to unveil the most awaited fashion clothing brand of 2018” We present you HNUEF

    2017-11-24 15:43:38
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